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It was a warm sunny afternoon, near the end of my sophomore year in high school. I had just recently obtained my first car. Of course, it wasn't exactly the nicest car I'd seen. The passenger door didn't open; water would get stuck in the doors if it rained; the air conditioner smoked if I turned it on; the hood had to be opened with a wire; it had spiders and other various creatures hiding inside of it; and it had a tendency to stall in front of traffic. Other than these small tribulations the car was in great condition .School had let out early that day, and there wasn't much to do. So we had to make our own form of entertainment; which always seems to lead me to precarious situations.

Standing in the corridor after classes were over I asked Michael, "Do you want to go do something?" Looking for amusement as well, he said, "Yeah, but what is there to do?" As with anything when your sixteen if you have a car there is something interesting to do.

So I told him, "Lets go ride in my car and see what happens." Consequently we walked outside to the parking lot and got inside of my 1989 Buick Century. Then we progressed down the road with no real purpose until we realized today was the day that the garbage man comes to relieve people of their trash, and their trashcans would be sitting near the curb. So Michael said, "Why don't you hit one?" Being the considerate person I am I said, "Sure." I then gazed down the road searching for my first victim. I then proceeded to drive my car into the near by trash can. With the basic idea of indulgence in mind, I thought,