Short Stories

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Short stories make the world go round. Short stories of knights in shining armour saving beautiful princesses, stories about war and famine. Short stories like these all serve a purpose, even if not intended, to enlarge and enlighten the readers understanding of the world. In this short stories become comparable to works of art. Their authors tweaking and refining their works to perfection. So that they can pass their precious knowledge and views onto the readers.

Art. When this word comes to mind, people think of grand works such as the Mona Lisa, and artists like Rembrandt. Rich vibrant colours, different textural tones, the cerebral overload of subtle information, all these are the many facets of art. Short stories are no different. Granted, when one thinks of art, short stories do not come immediately into mind. But the similarities are many. One thing they share in common is the many different types and forms that they both come in.

Modern, fantasy, children, and countless others, all these could be based for either an artwork or a short story. Also as with art, virtually anyone can make a short story. All that is required are their ideas. With that, they can make a veritable masterpiece of a short story. The same cannot really be said for full length novels. The sheer size of it may be off putting for most people. But even with short stories, it takes a lot of time to refine their works. Great artists like Picasso had painted over their works repeatedly until they were satisfied. Usually this is the same with short story authors, constantly rearranging and rewriting so that the readers will get the full potential of their piece

Knowledge. Knowledge takes not many forms, but not all are as easily accessed as...