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Once upon a time lived two dolphins named Flipper and Phinny. They were the best of friends and loved doing lots of things together. So one bright and sunny afternoon Flipper asked Phinny to come take a swim with him. Phinny said yes so they set out on the deep blue sea to take a swim.

When they got there they played hide and seek. Flipper was it and Phinny hid behind the huge, gigantic mountains. Then Flipper and Phinny ate lunch and just talked to each other. After that Flipper and Phinny laid down on the ocean and stared into the big blue sky. Then suddenly a whole school of fish swam up to them.

"Please help," one of them said. "What happened?" asked Phinny. A fish answered back to him, "A baby dolphin named Dolly is drowning way past the mountains." "Please help save our friend," another fish added.

"Okay," said Flipper. "Take us to Dolly." The fish swam to the spot where the dolphin was drowning and the dolphins hurried behind them.

As soon as they got there they saw the baby dolphin drowning. Flipper told Phinny to go get help and he went. While Phinny got help Flipper and all the other fish finally pulled Dolly out of the raging water. By the time Phinny got back with help the baby dolphin was nice and safe. The mayor of Underwater Town (where Flipper and Phinny lived) awarded Flipper and Phinny gold metals and let them be the heroes of Underwater Town.

As Flipper and Phinny swam home they talked about the adventurous day they had. They felt very proud of each other and were glad they had saved the baby dolphin. Flipper, Phinny, and Dolly all lived happily ever after. Have you ever...