Significant places in Havana, Cuba.

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In the whole world there are many beautiful places that we can visit. I am always trying to discover new cities and I think that sometimes we forget about that and we just concentrated in the place that we live and that is not good because we always can know more about other places. What I like the most and I consider interesting is the city of La Havana in Cuba because it has many historical and cultural places that you can visit.

The city of Havana has many historical places that you can visit. One of the most important is the old Havana; in there you can find the Castle of the Real Force and the Palace of captains and generals. These constructions where made to protect the city by the attack of English when Cuba was colonize by Spain and were also the home for many generals and captains.

These structures were very well built; the material is like rock and its stands very well nowadays. Inside of this two places you can find many rooms with historical things such as; the different flags that were use in the battle between Spanish and Cubans, the boat that the general Maximo Gomez use, the cloths that were use by mambises and many interesting things. The palace and the castle are very well located and near of their stands the cathedral and in front of the bay of Havana is the Morro another old construction that likes to many people. The cathedral has the same structure that the palace and the castle, and was visited for many rich people that use to live near there. Nowadays is the church for the whole neighborhood. The Morro was built in the XVI century to recognize from far way the ships that were...