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Premeditations to hurt others, should be considered more severe when judged against an individual simply defending oneself physically. Therefore human sin is punishable in various degrees. However, when discussing the moral aspect of a sin, his/her sinful actions may result from the fact that one's desire was of more important to himself/herself than Society's moral code. Acknowledging one's guilt is one story. In overcoming hardships, one learns many important lessons that could be used to prevent future problems. Society will evoke shame and anguish on the sinner. Why does the world have to draw on misery to punish others? Furthermore, why should human beings decide whether or not a person should be punished? What will happen to an individual should be determined solely by God's judgment. One should naturally have the desire for repentance. Allowing us to learn. The church preaches against sin and urges the congregation to confess their evil deeds and wicked thoughts.

Often, people enclose an inner conscience that longs for confession and/or repentance, but nevertheless at times one's vulgar pursuits and worldly wealth are at stake. It would be foolish to say that one should conceal their secretive sins, however it can be said that after awhile the weight of the guilt can be emotionally, spiritually, and physically draining.