Six Inch Or Foot Long?

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Six Inch or Foot Long? In the summer of 1993 I spent a week in Colorado as a vacation. I stayed with, Charlie, a friend of mine who I had played soccer with when we both used to live in Virginia, and his family. I was 13 and certainly ready for some time away from the Parentals. What 13 year old isn't? That summer was such a blast. I remember being busy-busy all day long, Charlie and I, doing all the things that our active and creatively disruptive young minds could think of. It didn't take long to find out.

There was a wonderfully large park about a mile from Charlie's house. We spent most of my first day outside in the beautiful, crisp Colorado summer air playing soccer and throwing the Frisbee at the park. All of that running around had the two of us ready to eat a small family.

Shortly before sunset Mrs. Susan, Charlie's mom, came to pick us up for supper. Thank God. Charlie kept saying, "Quizno's mom, go to Quizno's." I must admit, I was skeptical, but what could I say. I had no idea what this place was or what it had to do with my hunger. It didn't take long to find out. I ate the most terrific oven-toasted sub ever. Hands down, I couldn't have beaten this sub with a stick. Now I knew.

When I got back home to Baton Rouge things were different. Subway, my previous savior, in terms of food, was a little off. For seven long years I struggled to satisfy my hunger. In June of 2000, I was elated to learn of a Quizno's coming to Baton Rouge. In early July it was finished. I had found the answer to my most compelling problem. I was going to make it.

When Subway was in my life, I went to the one on Jefferson Hwy. across from Bocage. Subway was never the cleanest establishment. The unisexual bathroom was consistently gross and stank of waste. Toilet paper was scarce or nonexistent. I felt bad for any woman that might have ever unknowingly wandered in there. The booths, which were okay, were usually spotted with the crumbs of a past guest. On the dinning room floor I could always spot a spill. Simply, it could give a good mop a bad home. It never bothered me until I started visiting Quizno's.

In the Quizno's, which is located on Corporate Blvd., cleanliness seems to be on the top of their list of priorities. The men's bathroom is always tip-top. The toilet paper dispenser's supply of paper seems never-ending. I would be willing to bet that the women's bathroom is even nicer. All the tables and chairs give it more of a restaurant feel with no reminders of the hundreds of guests that they have served. The dinning room floor is comparable to one of the table tops, shining and clean. Good mop, better home.

In a Subway, customer service is"¦well"¦it isn't. Being greeted when I walk into an establishment is important to me, though it didn't happen in Subway. This didn't bother me too much, but others might feel lost or even unwanted due to this lack of attention. After I begged for the attention of an employee to take my order, they didn't even look at me while I gave it. How unimportant were they trying to make me feel? I once called to place an order via phone, so I could by-pass the stress of the line. The Subway employee was so rude and uninterested that I had to give up.

Sometimes I visit Quizno's just to have them say hello to me as I walk in. Not really, but it is a good feeling to be noticed and to know that I am an appreciated customer. As the Quizno's employee takes my order, they make eye contact with me. This simple act can work wonders in making a guest feel important. On occasion, when I am feeling particularly lazy, I can pick up a phone and call Quizno's. They handle phone orders with due respect and precision. Want the number? Subway makes a decent sub but their ingredients are usually not any part of that. There is a choice of white or wheat bread, but either one is usually crusty and stale. The lettuce is browning and slimy. The tomatoes and black olives, unless you catch them on a good day, are a bit on the dry side and very thinly cut. Their Mayo and mustard are good but they had nothing to do with it. The meat has a very inconsistent taste. This alone is reason enough to question Subway's effort. Bad meat? Coming back? No way.

Quizno's ingredients are the finest. Guests have a choice of white, wheat, or rosemary parmesan bread. All are fresh and soft to the touch. The lettuce is always crisp and green. The tomatoes are cut thick and very juicy. The black olives are huge and not dry in the least. All the subs come with some type of dressing: red-wine vinaigrette, cool ranch, honey french, red bell pepper, or honey mustard. Sure Quizno's has mayo and mustard, but with all of those dressings to choose from who wants mayo and mustard. The meat is sliced daily in the restaurant. There is a huge selection of meats too. They have ham, turkey, smoked turkey, roast beef, steak, chicken, tuna, bacon, salami, capicola, and pepperoni. On top of all of those there is even guacamole to top off any favorite sub. Great sub. See you tomorrow.

I think that Quizno's is the best. Their professionalism and product are of the highest quality. I haven't been to a Subway in a very long time and don't ask me if I miss it. About four months ago I got hired at my local Quizno's restaurant. I work there part time as the night shift supervisor. I know first hand the hard work it takes to serve a consistently fresh, quality product. It is something to be applauded. Quizno's across America! There is just no stopping us.