How society toady is becoming similar to the society contained in the book Fahrenheit 451.

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What would you think if no one thought twice about nuking another country? How would you feel if our political system was based on looks instead of intellect? Would you be upset if the human race cared more about self indulgence than life itself? In the novel Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury parallels our society to a fictional society that ended in chaos through many things such as Politics, Technology, War, and respect for life. Some of these parallels could bring a reader of his novel to the frightening realization that this could and might be happening to our society.

Many people in the novel Fahrenheit 451 have a very intense “addiction” to technology, in fact it appears so addictive, that when unable use sea shells, or watch television, the experience a “withdraw” they become easily upset, and depressed. Apparently, this causes society to be very destructive because when something like war happens or a major event occurs they feel distant from the problem, instead of feeling an obligation to do something to help.

This promotes a very “live for the here and now” type attitude that ultimately will cause the end of mankind in the case of Fahrenheit 411. Another problem in the fictional society is the lack of care for life. When Mildred became upset, she would get in her car and run animals over on the road. When parents have children instead of building a relationship with them or caring about them, they stick them in front of the television. Another practice mentioned in the novel is abortion which also shows the lack of respect for life, if the parents of a child didn’t want it anymore they would just get it aborted, and not think twice about it.

There are many ways our society is similar...