Sony's Blues

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Sonny's Blues From the day of birth, each person seems driven to find the meaning of his own existence in his world. "Sonny's Blues" by James Baldwin is about a man, who though he doesn't conform to social norms, takes his own path and finally finds his place in human society. From my own experience, I believe Sonny deserves love, respect and sympathy because he sets an example of a man who dares to take his own path to find the meaning of his life. However, what did Sonny's brother thinks of Sonny? Sonny's brother always treats him as a child who did not have his own mined, and decides everything for him. For instance, in their conversation discussing about Sonny's future intention, Sonny's brother insisted Sonny on going to school to become something better instead of a jazz musician. When Sonny insisted, the brother gave in only if Sonny agreed to play piano.

Persuaded by his brother, Sonny stays at Isabel's house, but he is always "at the piano plying for his life."(par.171). To find his inner peace, Sonny was not afraid of taking risk and experimenting himself. He spends his time "with musicians and other characters, in a white girl's apartment"(par.173). He wanted to join the army to get out of Harlem and live his own life.

If Sonny's brother would never let Sonny know that his daughter pass away and tell Sonny about his trouble, then Sonny would never have written a letter to Sonny's brother while Sonny in jail. Sonny wrote to his brother "I wanted to write to you many a time but I dug how much I must have hurt you I didn't write"¦I swear if I'd known what I am doing I would never have hurt you so"¦I don't know it...