The Spanish-American War, this essay talks about wether or not America's actions in the Spanish American war were justifiable.

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Ever since we were old enough to know what pride and dignity was, we have had it. Even though the Bible says not to be prideful, it is almost an unavoidable thing. When someone does something to hurt my pride I know I always want to find a way to get him or her back. This is the same with the United States. Although everyone has their own opinion about the war, I think one of the main reasons the United States went to war is because of something that was said against the United States. However, that is not the only reason they went into war. Did the U.S. have a valid reason to enter the war? I do not think they did, and I will analyze many of the causes of the war and try to prove why they are reasons not worth going to war.

The Americans at this time in history (late 1800's early 1900's) were in a position of great power and wealth.

Since America no longer had to worry about the frontier, they decided to try to civilize other nations. After rising as a world power in a short amount of time, "Some Nations achieve greatness; the United States had greatness thrust upon it" (qtd American Voices 385) the United States felt they could succeed in civilizing other countries. But did America really enter the war to civilize Cuba? No they did not; America had other goals and thoughts in mind besides aiding the world. Killing is "The White Man's Burden" and is a poor attempt to justify the reasoning for the Spanish-American War. One of the reasons America entered the war is because of a tactic called Yellow Journalism. One of the writers of this style stated, "You furnish the pictures and I'll...