Steering Clear of Microsoft

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Steering Clear of Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation, headed by Bill Gates, is the largest Software developer in the world. For this reason it becomes very important to stay out of Microsoft's way. Many companies are doing different things to stay out of the way but a few companies have taken a stand against Microsoft.

By the time the antitrust case against Microsoft Corporation ended on November 1 the guy who had started it all Marc Addreessen, who's Netscape Communications Corp., was crushed by Microsoft in the internet browser struggle now stays away from his previous competition. For his next business he started, Opsware Inc., he purposely chose a business that Microsoft was not chasing--server-automation software. During the five years that Microsoft has been under heavy investigation by the government, Microsoft has become more powerful then ever. After the courts small slap-on-the wrist settlement, Microsoft is now free to spend $40 billion to enter new markets or acquire companies.

For many companies, survival means figuring out when to accommodate the giant and when to fight. For corporate customers, it's about making sure they have viable alternatives to Microsoft products.

Steven Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft has said there's no business that he will rule out entering. Analysts expect the company to plow into new corporate-software markets and perhaps even to greatly expand its technology-consulting services. Microsoft is already braking into new markets dealing with "smart" mobile phones for Web surfing and run-the-business applications for small to midsized companies. Meanwhile, Microsoft is staying ahead in the computer software over Apple. However a company that is staying ahead of Microsoft in the online services is AOL with 31% U.S. market share vs. 10% of Microsoft's MSN. Other companies trying to hold their own against Microsoft have to be more nimble and still just...