Steroids In Sports

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Sports are the heart of what makes americans tick. Barry Bonds hitting his 71st home run, the patriots dominance of football, or the team work of the Detroit Pistons to win the championship of basketball. No matter what shape or form, sports are, and will always be, our first and foremost love.

Steroids though are making a sour note in sports today. With Bonds home run record being questioned of its credibility, to even the young guys trying to make a name for themselves in the league now a days. Illegal drugs have taken there own little place in sports now and even into the fans lives. As things continue to get worse with the commisioner being questioned about the effectiveness of his steroid policy in baseball, the players are the ones who seem to be getting the most punishment for their commisioners mistakes. As the meeting with congress progressed it seemed that the commisioner was losing more and more ground every single moment with congress.

The senators were questioning him frequently with no reply what so ever, he stuttered continually, and never really gave a straight forward answer. Commisioner Bud Selig was making a mockery of himself.

A problem with Selig's steroid policy was that it really had no stern punishment until the 3rd or 4th infraction. Now with this supposed "better" policy Selig is trying to make up for his big mistakes at congress. Showing that he really does care and hopes to improve on his own faults has hellped him but now it seems to be hurting the players.

Just a few months ago Reggie Sanchez was found to be using illegal performance enhancing drugs. Then just a few weeks later Juan Rincon was also guilty of the same offense. Both of which were first time offenses...