The Stolen Party

Essay by thegame July 2004

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The characters in the short story, "The Stolen Party" demonstrate striking differences in their values and beliefs. Each character displays unique traits. It is these unique traits, which illustrate different aspects of society. Each character then, represents a portion of the values and beliefs of today's society.

Rosaura is the main character of this writing. The story revolves around her from start to finish. Rosaura is an inexperienced young girl. This story opens with an argument between Rosaura and her mother. Rosaura wants to go to Luciana's birthday party. Luciana is in a wealthy family so Rosaura's mother disapproves of her daughter's attending the party. In the first few sentences the author makes it evident that Rosaura is financially challenged. Rosaura's mother says, "I don't like you going because it is a rich peoples party." This one sentence already tells me that they are probably not very wealthy.

In addition Rosaura is an inexperienced young girl. She is not tarnished by the belief that everyone should be judged according to his or her financial worth. She, unlike her mother, judges people by who they are and not by how much money they have. When Rosaura's mother states, "you should not fart higher than your own ass" she shows that she feels below those who are wealthy. Rosaura's argument shows that she does not feel bound by her financial status. Her financial state isn't even an issue to her. She says that she wants to go because she is a friend of Luciana and because she was invited. The author also demonstrates Rosaura's openness in the first few paragraphs of the story. Since Rosaura is only nine years old she has no prior experience of prejudice. She does not realize that her mother might be right about her...