A Story About Soccer

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Twenty-two of the world's best soccer players in a game that would be remembered for generations to come. It was a battle of the titans! It was East versus West. On the west side there were all the countries from the western sides, and the east were the eastern countries. The best were selected for the teams. Names such as Ronaldo, Owen, Raul and many more were playing. This was bigger than the Champions League; this was even bigger than the World Cup. This was the Scorpion Tournament!

The game had all the normal rules and regulations. Each half was forty-five minutes long. If no goals were conceded or there was a draw, the game will go into golden goal. Which means the first team to score the first goal would win. If no goals were scored in the golden goal, then there will be a penalty shootout.

The time was five-o clock, and in another hour the biggest game ever played!

"Ladies and Gentlemen," said the announcer, "It is time for East to meet West. In the most anticipated game of all time." Continued the announcer. In about five minutes the players will come out of the anthems of each side will be sung. So the players soon came out the singers of each team came the stood in front of the crowd. Each side had an anthem, which was a mix of all the countries anthems combined. After the anthems were sung the players took their positions and the referee's spoke about their game plan.

So, the game started, and the west siders took an early lead when Ronaldo scored a fabulous goal to make the score 1-0. After half time the score was one all. The east siders scored with their star forward Nakata.