The Stranger by Albert Camus

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The Stranger by Albert Camus

Meursault is a shipping clerk whose mother has just died but he does not seem very upset about it. He takes a few days off work to attend his mother's funeral. He catches the bus to the nursing home where his mother's body is. The doorkeeper of the nursing home starts to open the lid of the coffin but Meursault stops him because he does not want to see his mother's body. Mr. Perez, his mother's friend, is the only person from the nursing home to attend the funeral. Meursault sees Perez crying but all he thinks about is going home to his apartment so he can sleep.

The next day he decides to go swimming and he meets Marie Cardona, an old coworker. They swim together and then they go to see a movie that night. She spends the night at his house but when Meursault wakes up she is gone.

He goes to work the next day and when he is walking into his apartment he meets an old man named Salamano who always beats his dog. He also meets Raymond Sintes who is known as a pimp. Sintes invites Meursault over for dinner and Sintes talks about how he is mad at his girlfriend because she is not being faithful to him. Sintes says that he has already beaten her up but he wants to punish her more.

Sintes asks Meursault to write his girlfriend a letter so she would come over and he plans to kick her out while they are having sex. Meursault has nothing better to do so he agrees. A week later, he goes to the beach with Marie again and when they go back to his apartment, she asks him if he loves her. He tells...