Will stricter gun laws actually stop gun violence?

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Amanda Camden

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October 29, 2014

Will stricter gun laws actually stop gun violence?

Gun control can be broadly defined as any law, practice, policy or proposal that is designed to restrict the production, importation, possession, shipment, sale and use of guns by civilians, among other groups of citizens (Azrael & Hermenway, 2000). There is a great variation in gun control laws and policies in different countries around the world. Countries like the United Kingdom have very stringent laws on possession of guns while others like the United States have limits that can be considered to be relatively modest. In several countries around the globe, the topic has elicited intense debates. Proponents have often pointed out dangers that may come with widespread gun ownership. On the other hand, opponents have argued that gun ownership is vital because it promotes the right for people to protect themselves. Both sides of the debate believe that their arguments are better for safer communities (Azrael & Hermenway, 2000).

In the United States, approximately 80 million homes are estimated to possess up to possess up to 223 million guns (Groberman, 2013). Though some believe that the laws are sufficient, there are those who feel otherwise.

This paper will evaluate the points for and against gun control in the United States. The paper will weigh the points and conclude whether or not stringent laws should be formulated to control possession and ownership of guns in the United States.

Gun control debates have heated up in the United States due to increased incidences of mass shootings (Azrael & Hermenway, 2000). Those who would like to see more restrictions to gun possession and use have cited various factors that are related to rising incidences of gun related mortality; association of guns with authoritarianism; increased...