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Yang lan, is a self-employed businesswoman who owns a media company that is called Sun TV. I admire her quite a lot. She was graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University. However, when she was in her senior year at university, she imagined that she would do some kinds of job such as cultural communication, trade, or international finance while her minor in university was international finance then. From the beginning, TV was never a part of Yang Lan's dream. Some time later, she found that it is really her enjoyable work since she was engaged in CCTV in the early 1990's. She thanks for many opportunities and valuable experiences that she gained as a young successful businesswoman.

She was interested in philosophy and specially admired Bertrand Russell. However, many people usually think women are the emotional creatures and they are not rational and smart enough. For Yang Lan's opinion, she thinks she has the capability to be rational and logical.

Even though some people have a prejudice on whether or not women are not rational enough, it is also a fact while prejudice and fact reinforce each other. Undoubtedly, it is usually very difficult for women to be successful in a male-dominated society but now it is becoming better. From another aspect, maybe business needs woman nowadays, I think.

In 1996, Yang Lan gave up her successful job at CCTV and went to the United States for postgraduate study. She hoped to face with other new challenge actually. Also, Yang Lan likes playing roles of both a journalist and businesswoman, and she enjoys her journalist work most because that is a bridge to her dream or goal. For her business side, Yang Lan believes that emotions can be more important because they will connect with people. She...