A Successful Manager

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A successful manager

Managers always have important role in the success of organizations. A manger is a specialized individual, who is designated to manage the human resource for the attainment of organizational goals. A manger specializes in skills and has an extraordinary understanding of ordinary things. As a matter of fact the marketplace and business environment is saturated with intense competition, owing to this fact the organizations of all sizes and types acknowledge the importance of effective management techniques as the prerequisite to cater and sustain in the competitive marketplace. Managers are the organizational representatives that are responsible for directing the efforts of the individuals and groups towards the attainment of organizational goals.

The strategies and policies of an organization can only be accomplished by the effective management. It is for this reason that the manager owns a significant standing in the organizational structure. The management plays a key role in determining the strength of an organization, besides serving as a key motivating factor that sets a common agenda of the employees: that is effective and efficient attainment of organizational goals.

An effective management and relevant managerial expertise can give an edge to an organization over its competitors. Managing the employees is the motive of all contemporary organizations (Bushman, 2003). As the policy makers and investors of the contemporary organizations are well aware of the importance of managerial expertise in the attainment of organizational goals and for the progress of the organization (Dozier, 1995). As a matter of fact two companies can be in a same business but there revenues, profits and sales can show drastic differences, this difference is a cumulative result of different management practices and managerial skills promoted and exercised in an organization.

Researches indicate that there is a direct relationship between the organizational goal and the...