Surrogate Mothers

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Surrogate Mothers The word surrogate refers to one who takes the place of another either in some life situation or in a legal context. A surrogate mother takes the place of a baby's biological mother by allowing a baby to be conceived or implanted into her womb, and giving birth to the infant after its development. The surrogate mother releases the infant at birth to the person or couple who will adopt and rear it. Typically, a surrogate mother is used by a couple who is unable to have children because of the wife's infertility or inability to sustain a pregnancy. I am completely supportive of surrogate motherhood and have absolutely no objections to the procedure. A surrogate mother has the opportunity to fill the void in a family's home by giving a life.

While an adopted child is biologically unrelated to his adoptive parents, a child born of a surrogate mother shares at least part of the genetic material of the parents who will raise him.

A surrogate mother may carry a child conceived from the father's sperm and her own egg thus enabling the baby to share his father's genetic traits. In other instances, the surrogate mother can carry an embryo conceived invitro from the egg and the sperm of his natural parents and implanted into the womb of the surrogate mother. The resulting infant then shares the genetic code of both parents.

A woman by the name of Wendy placed an article in the internet entitled "Why Be A Surrogate?" She writes, "I have the two most beautiful, most intelligent, most well-behaved children in the world (yes I am biased). Two gifts given to me by God. My children are my heart, my soul, my very being. My son and daughter are foremost in my thoughts with...