Tactics and Strategic Marketing

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With the right marketing plan, Organics has many opportunities for establishing a solid position in the current marketplace of local restaurants. There are a number of potential new customers throughout the metro area. Some customers are ready for a new type of restaurant and others are tired of the same old choices and yet others want the healthy choices that we can provide when dining out. This objective will be accomplished by providing strong advertising and promotion support, on a sustained basis designed to generate consumer awareness and demand for the restaurant. A formal desktop presentation will be used to generate new customers. This powerful presentation will tell the story of Organics and praise the benefits of healthy food over television monitors hung throughout the restaurant.

To create and maintain, over the next five years, a highly profitable health food restaurant is the next objective that centers on the goal of obtaining a significant share of the market for healthy, organic, lunchtime restaurants.

Personnel management is general the most time consuming task of the business. You must give the people a sense of fulfillment and belonging. Additionally, there are the issues of evaluation, compensation, discipline, and benefits. To communicate your vision you must be clear on the direction and tell them where they fit into the plan. In order for people to have a sense of self-worth, they need to know what they must do to be acceptable. They can then decide whether they want to work hard enough to merely get by, get ahead, or be a superstar. If people who merely get by are getting rewarded at the same level or better than those who are putting out a big effort, the results are fairly predictable. Similarly, it is hard to maintain discipline if those who act...