Tactics and Strategies Paper

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Running head: Tactics and Strategies Paper

Tactics and Strategies Paper

Gerald Cooper

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Michael Esquivel

February 23, 2009



Tactics and Strategies Paper

The Tactic and Strategic Plan of an organization is the most efficient and resourceful plan an organization can implement. YOURALIBI.COM takes immense pride in the tactics and strategic plans in place for the web-based organization. Through the strategic plan, the organization could improve current business processes, measure the quality of their customer base, review quality assurance and improve their process improvement plan. Through these plans their process has a strategy and direction with the ability to allocate resources in order to generate capital and increase excellent customer satisfaction among their customer base.

YOURALIBI.COM current strategic plan is to strengthen the brand and ensure that it has a significant advantage in the marketplace by operating in a environmentally friendly workplace, and establish a known leadership in the production of knowledge based materials.

Supporting their strategic plan, YOURALIBI.COM objectives is to have a $200,000 operating income, increase their market share by 20%, increase employee satisfaction and productivity by 15%, and reduce operating costs by 10% by streamlining current work processes.

To execute their strategic plan, YOURALIBI.COM plans to "implement empowered focused development teams to deliver the roadmap for improvement" (Riordan Manufacturing, 2008) as well as streamline the entire organization to drive the spirit of quality through culture. By setting clear objectives and streamlining processes, YOURALIBI.COM is ensuring that they continue to see the deployment of quality products and is reassuring their leadership in the marketplace.

YOURALIBI.COM is currently using scorecards to keep take of what the company wants to achieve and what the company has achieved. This company also uses Six Sigma to...