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Take these broken wings Jamie-Leigh Ritchie

"Take these broken wings" is a highly popular fiction novel, written by Lynn Andrews,

The story is about a girl called Hannah Peckham, when she was only six years old, she had already lost her mother and father, her mother died or an unknown fever and her father was killed fighting in the war. Hannah was packed off to the workhouse by her cruel cousin, where she stayed until she was sixteen. Someone who had found her a job working for a rich family in a big house then saved Hannah. There, she falls in love with one of the young gentlemen of the house, however, this young gentleman then marries someone else and she is so heart broken she rushes into a violent marriage that almost costs her, her life. Hannah manages to get away from all this through some miracle and manages to better herself, she meets the young gentleman she first fell in love with and by the end of the story they're together again.

This story is started in Wales, in a place called Y-garn, the rest of the story is based in Liverpool. We are told Liverpool is a desperate, poverty-stricken place, even without being told the story is set in Liverpool we can deduce this by the type of dialect used, "scuffer" which means policeman, and "Well, at least some of 'em 'ave an 'eart" which means some of them have a heart. This story is set around the First World War. I think the genre for this story would be Romantic Drama.

This story is written in past tense and in the third person narrative, there are many stereotypical characters in this story. Alfie Duggan, Hannah's violent, drunk husband was a very steriotypical character.