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This story starts off when Paul and his family have to move to Florida from Texas because his father gets a new job as a developer. Paul has an older brother who is a junior place kicker on the football team. Paul ends up going to Lake Windsor Middle School, but there's one problem his mom signs him up for ESE classes as legally blind. Paul can see but he wears super thick glasses and goggles when he's playing sports such as soccer.

Paul envies his older brother Erik Fisher. On a tragic day Erik Fisher's teammate mike Costello is killed from an afternoon of football practice. Mike's little brother Joey is very good friends with Paul. They feel that Erik + Arthur don't really care that mike died and are kind of glad that it happened.

Paul joins the soccer team, but is kicked off because of his disability and that he can't get coverage of insurance.

Later he is back on the bus, because his parents talk to the coach. But he's known as a geek at the school or the soccer team. The fisher's don't really have a lot of money in the way that the story talks about them A big problem occurs when a porthole destroys 25 portable classrooms that were outside. So students that are in 6th and 7th grade go to school in split schedules. Later on Paul decides that he would like to have a chance to start over at a new school. So he goes to Tangerine Middle School to start over and he joins the Soccer team, and he discovers that they are tough. There are even some girls on the team. (4). He tries to fit in but he doesn't really stand a chance. Until he...