To Teach, Not To Have Prisons

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Let's Make a Prison Schools are to teach, not to be prisons. Each school in the United States is becoming more like a little prison within it's self. Our privileges are limited; things will never be the same as long as some students are out of control. We need to loosen all of the rules, and then the students that break them would never be able to have the again. This would allow the good students to have the civil liberties that they deserve. Students want to not be judged by what others do; we all know there will always be immature students who want to break the rules just to be noticed. Schools seem to think that every student is like that and it just is not true. In fact, most students never get in trouble, or never do anything major in high school.

Showing how you stand out in school is major for students. Limiting the dress code to drastic measures is a mistake. Sure, we all know we need rules; guys and girls can not just come to school naked, but having the rules set to a realistic state would improve the moral of students. We understand that we can not make everything the way we want it, or even have an input into things; we just want to be able to express ourselves to the fullest.

$1.25, $1.30, $1.85, how high can it go? The price of school lunch has increased for the past three years and rumors have it that it may go up once again. If we heard it once, we have heard it a million times "You can't get that much food, for that low of price." Well, I am not here to talk about the price of the lunch, but having open lunch. Students don't understand why open lunch is so hard to have.