Team Based Organizational Structures

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I found three articles from the Internet; two of the three I obtained from our rEsource page for week three's assigned text and the third from a new tech oriented website I found called The first article "A Perspective on Team Building" was very informative. In the article I discovered The Institute of Team Management Studies (TMS). TMS is an organization that was created to identify and create ways to augment effective teamwork. While reading the article dealing with TMS I found one of their tools they use to be interesting, The Team Management Wheel. The wheel is used as a tool to manage who has what assignment. There are eight sections to the wheel,

· Reporter/Advisor - People who research, gather, and share information. Trainer/Coach, they are knowledgeable and flexible.

· Creator/Innovator - People who enjoy experimenting with new ideas.

· Explorer/Promoter - People who enjoy work that requires troubleshooting and investigating.

· Assessor/Developer - People whose job is to plan and create a strategy.

· Thruster/Organizer - People who like to get the job done the best way that suit s them.

· Concluder/Producer - People who like a schedule or a plan, maybe even to be "micro managed"

· Controller/Inspector - People who enjoy analyzing and investigating the way things are done.

· Upholder/Maintainer - People who enjoy work that evolves sustaining and analyzing procedures

In the middle of the wheel there are five team-based skills that together establish a foundation for the teams work load. The five team-based skilled are,

· Work Allocation

· Team Development

· Delegation

· Objectives

· Quality Standards

The second Article "Organizing for the New Economy" I found has to the best comparison between team based organizations and non-team based. I could really relate and understand it so much...