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Technology is an important part of reading. Technology supports literacy in many ways. It is customizable, flexible, and timely. Technology provides scaffolding, support, and opportunities to read and write in real world contexts. Technology gives appropriate feedback as well as being able to adapt content and present in numerous settings ensuring that many learning styles and needs can be met. Technology provides authenticity, while empowering and engaging the learner. Such technological advances as electronic books, word processing, multimedia applications, the Internet, and digital images and video allow for advancement among students.

Technology allows teachers to move beyond the restraints of their classroom and enables them to wonderful resources that enhance instruction and facilitate learning. Email allows teachers to be in constant contact, communicating and collaborating with others, facilitating involvement amount different communities of learning. Technology helps teachers to stay up-to-date with research and current event issues. It also gives teachers the tools to provide support to create inspiring and adaptable instructional materials.

Electronic books support comprehension by combining words with related pictures, sounds, and video. Electronic books help readers construct mental models for information and support the acquisition of concepts about print as well as decode information by presenting written material and spoken words simultaneously. By highlighting words as they are read aloud, electronic books permit beginner readers to follow along with a story regardless of their ability or inability to read the text independently. In addition to providing opportunities for language acquisition, these books combine reading, writing, listening, and speaking as part of the development of the student's literacy skills. Lastly, electronic books provide a multi-sensory approach with associated pictures, sound, and video. The use of video and audio in agreement with text offers many benefits to young readers.

Word processing is a valuable tool that...