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Are Teenage year the best of your life? The teenage years are considered the best years of your life that is what magazine. I'm going to tell you why they are not. First you are always looked at to succeed by your parents, the lack of freedom we get and last but not least we are considered lairs and criminal among today's society.

One of the disadvantages of being a teenager is that we are always looked to succeed in school so you can do and be better then them. They also say if we fool around the future for us is going the extinguished.

Other disadvantage of being a teen is the lack of freedom we get. Sure we might live in a free country but are we all free? The freedom that I'm talking about is staying up late, working and school. Staying up late I don't know about you but I have to get home before my parents I can't even be in front of my house to the wee hours of the morning.

Working is another one we another one we can't work on weekdays because my Dad says it will effect my school work how will he know if he doesn't give it a chance. School is the worst of all we can't even wear earrings because it's not part of the uniform I understand that but the shaving is just stupid how could you order someone to do something that comes in naturally. It is like telling someone you have to get a hair cut every week. It's violating our freedom of expressing.

The worst part of being a teenager is that we are considered lairs and criminals among our society. For example if a bunch of teens walk into a variety store the owners automatically think we are going to rob them but the only thing we want is a little snack. The other thing is lying adults never believe teens why you ask? I don't really know. For example a teacher and a student get into an argument and it's the teacher's fault the principle is going to believe the teacher because they don't tell lies.

So with the facts that I just stated that is why I have to say the teenage years are not what people say they are.