Temple Of The Winds

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Setting: This book took place in a world of fantasy and magic. Most of the action took place in the D'Haran empire. This land is not untouched by the powers and gifts of wizards, prophets, and others with the Gift. The gift of magic. The people in this place are used to powers of both healing and destructive forces. Some peoples have magic, while some do not, but all know of it.

Mysterious creatures also characterize this land. There are entire races of creatures who are almost human, but not quite"¦ there are cannibals, as well as tribes of peoples who perform human sacrifices.

This world is in e midst of a power struggle. The current Lord Rahl came into power after overthrowing his father, Darken Rahl. Darken Rahl was very evil. Richard, the new Lord Rahl, has now devoted his life to making the D'Haran Empire, and as much of the rest of the world as he can, free of slavery and controlling leaders.

D'Hara seems to be very lifelike, but in a fantasy kind of way.

Characters: Kahlan Ankell Kahlan Ankell, Mother Confessor, Queen of Galea, Queen of Kelton, and betrothed of the Lord Rahl, Master of D'Hara. Kahlan has beautiful long brown hair. She has green eyes which are constantly looking around her, as she is very observant. Kahlan's power as a Confessor requires that she just touch another person and release her "power." She instantly destroys their mind and the victim is left needed her control.. Her role as a confessor is to see if a person sentenced to a crime is truly guilty. A Confessor must ask the victim if they committed a crime, then has them relate all the details of it. Afterwards, the proper sentence is carried out. Kahlan was born into this life. This life requires a strong sense of duty, which Kahlan has always managed fulfill. She has grown to be a strong and independent woman who keeps her loyalties. All Confessors wear white, save for the Mother Confessor, who wears only an elegant white dress. Kahlan has a set of matching dresses. She wears a pair of supple leather boots beneath the fabric of her Confessor's dress. She is very much in love with Richard Rahl, who believes very much in the same things as her, such as freedom from slavery, peace and health, and wisdom. Kahlan is a wise woman and has lived up to both her stature and to her place as the wife of Lord Rahl.

Richard Rahl Richard Rahl, formerly known as Richard Cypher, now Lord Rahl, the Seeker of the Truth, and wielder of the Sword of Truth, the bringer of death, the Master of D'Hara, the ruler of the Midlands, the commander of the gar nation, the champion of free people and bane of the wicked--- and the betrothed of the Mother Confessor. Richard is a tall, strong, handsome young man who is best described as an extremely active idealist. He does what he knows is right, no matter what the price. He loves his fiancé, Kahlan, with all his heart and shows it many times throughout this novel. His biggest fear is about the double-bind prophecy that Jagong has sent is the second half- that Kahlan will betray him. The thought of that could bring tears to his eyes and pain to his heart. Richard believes strongly in protecting innocent people and in keeping Kahlan safe. He will give up anything, even his own happiness and life, even his love for Kahlan for t people he serves, his subjects. He is willing to give up his marriage to Kahlan in order to save his people from the plague. Richard grew up not know ing that he was to be the next Lord Rahl. He was the gifted offspring of Darken Rahl, but no one told him, and probably most people around him did not know this. He grew up as a woods guide, and it was there, in the forest, that he met Kahlan. At that time, she did not know that he would be Lord Rahl, and he did not know that she was the Mother Confessor. Their love transcended far beyond important people marrying important people.

Cara Cara is a Mord-Sith, a rank not to be born into, but to be chosen for. She wears her blood-red skintight leather at the slightest hint of danger. While she was growing up, she was chosen to become a Mord-Sith. A woman came to her house to take her to her training, and her father yelled out for her to grab a knife and kill the woman. She hesitated, and the woman slowly walked over and took the knife from her hand. Ever since then, she has paid the price for her hesitation that day. In the bright sunlight, that woman's smile looked like that of a snake, so from then on Cara called her Snake. Part of her training included watching her mother be tortured to death, and then herself having to torture her father to death. She slept in a small cage-like room during that time, with the rats, who would nibble at her fingers and toes and keep her from getting a decent night's sleep. Part of the job description of a Mord-Sith includes being bonded to the Lord Rahl, and acting as his personal bodyguards. When Darken Rahl ruled, he treated just about every woman as if she were his own personal prostitute. This included the Mord-Sith, and Cara. Cara is leggy and muscular, and blue-eyed with a long blonde braid. Cara cares very much for the people she protects now because Richard, now the Lord Rahl, destroyed that system, and he treats her and the rest of her "Sisters of the Agiel" (in reference to their magic weapon) with kindness and love.

Nadine Nadine is a beautiful woman, with a shapely figure and long brown hair, and pretty brown eyes. She grew up with Richard, back when he didn't know he was Darken Rahl's on, and therefore future Lord Rahl. She would help her father gather things from the woods, and Richard would sometimes come and help her. Their relationship started one day when Nadine was about to be raped, but then Richard saved her from the other boy, whose name was Tommy. Ever since then, Nadine had wanted Richard. She wanted him to love her, to marry her. Richard used to have a half-brother, Michael. Nadine one day thought that she would try to use her knowledge of men and make Richard so jealous, that he would want her, too. So she slept with Michael and let Richard catch them. It didn't quite work out that way. Richard walked in and just turned right back around. He was not of the mind to stop her from doing something of her own free will, which she was doing. When Richard left is hometown, Nadine waited for him to come back, and when he didn't, she finally decided to come after him. Along the way she met the witch woman Shoto. Shoto told Nadine that she needed to go to the Confessor's Palace, because she was to marry Richard. Nadine loved that, and started back out. She got to Aydindril very quickly, and without a horse. Nadine has a very extensive knowledge of the woods and of herbs and treatments for both common and uncommon ailments. She acts as Richard's personal heb healer once the whole marriage thing is all figured out.

Theme: Love: Kahlan and Richard are very much in love. They met one day in the woods, while Richard was still a woods guide Death & Dying: Raina, Kip, Warren, Marlin, Medical Issues Plague How healers are portrayed Opinion I really liked this book. The author, Terry Goodkind, uses very moving and dramatic visual language. He lets the story unfold like a rose slowly unfurling each solitary petal. He lets each character develop his or herself. You can really feel the humanity in each character, whether or not they are human. This book definitely goes on my list of favorites. I will recommend this to my friends, but definitely only to those that I have found to be of the "bookworm" variety. Many others would be overwhelmed by the length of this book. I was intrigued. Goodkind has not sacrificed quality for sake of quantity. Each detail he gives both inspires interest and gives a addition piece of the big picture. This book has definitely proven to me that he is not a wordmonger.