The Teriffic Bum Story

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This is a true story so remember that this actually did happen before you start making fun Picture this"¦ You are chillin with your friends on a Friday night listening to some music and talking about everything from sex to furbys. You want to spend the night but for some reason your mom wont let you. She says that there are "things for you to do" tomorrow. You say later to your friends and head home. You get home and go to bed without a care in the world. At the same time your friends start messing around with everyday household objects. One suggests sniffing glue, another suggests air freshener, and one says white out. Well one bottle of elmers glue, half a can of summers breeze air freshener, and 2 bottles of white out later, your friends are claiming to be "tripping out". Your best friend staggers off to the bathroom and your other friends are to busy trippin on the candy land board game to give him another thought.

About five minutes later your other friend stammers into the bathroom and finds a lifeless body spread across the floor. Screaming he alerts the other friend who still remembers enough from his fried brain to call 911. It turns out your best friend chocked on his own vomit. You never got to tell him/her you loved them. You never got to tell him/her thank you for always being there. You never got to say you were sorry for arguing over things that didn't really matter to you.

But this is my life. Not yours. You can still say that you love your best friend. You can still say thank you for always being there for you. You can still say that you are sorry. My advice is that you do so before it is too late.