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Terrorism With all that occurs, and everything falling apart in our world today we can not help but be desensitized to the turmoil. We scurry through our dull-drumatic lives day after day without being touched or moved by anything that happens around us. We hear about students painting the walls with thier classmates's blood and we shrug our shoulders; simply accepting it as another day. We allow terror and fear to defeat us, yet we are not affected by threats. We give up ground, then later cry in agony when it is taken by our enemy's, whom we have given right to it.

The act of inflicting terror is nothing new in our world. To intimidate your enemy is one of the oldest tricks in the book. An opponent full of fear is an easy prey. To crush a man you must first kill his spirit. Terrorism is nothing more than an attempt to destroy the spirit of the sovereign.

Though our souls are troubled and our bodies weak we pursue our goals. In being resolute we defy the very notion of fear.

To overcome an oppressor we must first understand who he is. America's enemy is not some turbaned, Middle Eastern, refugee, ducking and hiding in the Afghan desert; it is ourselves. We are a generation who was brought up to believe we would all be millionaires and rockstars, but we won't. We are slowly learning that fact, and now we are mad. We have become lax and complacent in our strength, and that has become our weakness. America has drank her own poison and is now recoiling from its effects.

We look high and low for a scapegoat upon whom to unleash our vengence and satisfy our blood lusts, but in that we will find no satisfaction. In our endeavors we will find no fulfillment until we recognize the finger of guilt lies upon us. Had our security been better, had the terrorists bags been checked more thoroughly six thousand might be alive today. What would we have learned if these events had never happened? Life would have continued as status-quo. Everyone would remain as they were, keeping the same ideals, and tomorrow would only be dimmer than the day before. Yes, terror has swept our land. Its effects are not measured in damage or death tolls, but in the consequences upon our society.

Fear is control. You must overcome fear by hope. In a hopeless world where can you find hope? We must find it in the same way our fore-fathers did during our nations conception, within ourselves. Hope is nothing more than something you wish would happen. The world handed over to us is dark, corrupt, and polluted. We have only the power to make ourselves. In that person we wish to instill a hope for a better tomorrow, yet accepting the fact that our tomorrow may never come. Death stares at us all, all we can do is smile back.