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Terrorism is defined as the political use of violence or intimidation Terrorism usually when there is political between two parties, or when someone feels that they have to intimidate someone else. Terrorism occurs everywhere almost every day. There are many terrorist acts are left in the hearts of people for a long time, which is because someone they knew were victims to the violence. The events and terrorists that will be discussed in this paper will be, the World trade center bombing on 9/11 done by Ben laden. Another terrorist that will be discussed is Aymanal-zauahri, he is Ben laden's right hand man and also the brains behind the incident of 9/11. The last terrorist that will be discussed is Timothy Mc Veigh and the Oklahoma City bombing. They might agree that they had good reasoning behind doing what they did. However, I didn't due to the fact that so many were lost because of their senseless acts.

Osama Ben laden caused the U.S tons of heartache and pain when he crashed 2 planes into the World trade centers, and a plane into the military headquarters, the Pentagon. On September 11 at 8:45am, a plane was hijacked from American airlines. Flight number 11 that came out of Boston, Massachusetts crashed into the north tower of the world trade center, tearing a big chunk out of the building and setting it on fire. At 9:17am, the federal administration shuts down all the New York City Airports. Then, at 9:21am, the New York and New Jersey bridges and tunnels wee closed. At 9:30am, president bush began to speak about the recent acts of terrorism. While he is talking, approximately at 9:43am, American Airlines flight 77 crashes into the pentagon and sending it into a huge ball of smoke. Thankfully, only part of...