Texting and driving

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Texting should be banned while driving in Texas.


Diana Larios.

State and Local Government

Mr. Thomas Enriquez

October 18, 2013.

Thesis: The point of view of this topic is "Texting should be banned while driving in Texas". Driver distraction is not only a problem in the state of Texas, but also national problem. Talking on a cellphone or texting causes drivers lose their focus, often with deadly consequences, not only losing their life but also losing the victims life in the accident.

Texting and driving is very dangerous. It can very easily seriously hurt, or injure someone. It can also kill people and cause death. Texting and driving is the cause of the second most deaths in the U.S. Many people think they can multitask and text and drive at the same time but, they can often injure people because they aren't watching the road.

Suppose you are receiving a text from your friend and you become angry, you might move around and move the steering wheel, honk the horn, or push the gas or brake pedal which can easily cause a car wreck. While there are many activities that can distract the driver, such as eating or adjusting the radio while driving, sending text messages may be the worst thing. Texting while driving is a bad habit, feeling attached to it and not even waits till you get to your home, school even a parking lot to read the text and text it back. Texting while driving is just as bad as drunk driving, except in a higher risk. And not only are you putting your life and the lives of your friends, family, or anyone your with in the car in danger, you are also putting the lives of the people on the...