Theme Of Justice And Revenge Compared To The Odyseey

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Final Writing Assignment The theme of justice and revenge is played out in 3 stories that we have read through out the course of the year. First we have The Odyssey, in the story Odysseus the main character seeks out revenge and justice on the people that are trying to take over his family. The suitors of his home are taking his food, drinking his wine, and now they want to take control of his wife and son. But Odysseus will not let this happen he returns from his epic journey and swears to them all that he will have his revenge for what they have done to his home. So he then goes ahead and slays all of the suitors for what they have done, this was his revenge but it was combined with justice because of what the suitors had done was wrong and so they had to be punished in some way or another.

In most stories revenge and justice are usually carried out in violence such as in the next story of Romeo and Juliet. In the story Romeo falls in love with the daughter of his rival family but when one of the rivals kills one of his kin, Romeo must seek revenge and justice. Romeo sets out to kill Tybalt because of the fact that he has killed his friend, Romeo is successful in doing this and seeks his revenge by killing Tybalt. The justice comes into fact that for the killing of his friend the law as he declared it was that someone from the other family had to die, to pay for the loss of the other. Next we have To Kill A Mockingbird, in the story a white farmer by the name of Bob Ewell claims that a black man, Tom Robinson raped his wife. A trial took place and found Tom guilty, he was sent to jail but in jail he was killed by a supposedly hired mob sent out by Mr. Ewell. Next the revenge, a spooky person of the book Boo Radley takes Bob out one night while he was attacking the children. Again death comes into play, this was only revenge and justice because of the fact that Tom was most likely innocent and that Bob Ewell was trying to attack Atticus' children. The justice was carried out that Tom was most likely innocent and was killed in jail so someone else had to be held responsible, and the only person to match that was Bob Ewell. Revenge and justice are carried out daily all over the world and not so many end in violence any more at least not in the U.S. but it still occurs that people pay with their lives for crimes they have committed.