Theme of Neutrality in "Casablanca".

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"Casablanca" tells the riveting tale of two lovers caught between love and war. In "Casablanca" neutrality is difficult to keep for Rick, Ilsa and Renault. Rick violates neutrality by choosing sides in the war. Ilsa violates her neutrality by falling for Rick again while she denies the dilemma she's in and claims to love neither man. Renault violates neutrality by helping Rick. Rick is probably the most common violator of neutrality.

Rick violates neutrality by choosing sides in the war. This can first be seen in his refusal to let the German bank employee into the back room. This is in the beginning of the movie and he isn't being as friendly to the German as he is to the French. Another instance of Rick violating his rule on neutrality is when he allows his band to play the French national anthem. Rallying the French but it got the Germans angry and he lost his café.

Last and most importantly, Rick agreed to hold the papers for Ugotti, a member of the French underground movement. This strongly shows his violation of his neutral policy by agreeing to help the French. Ilsa is also another culprit of violating neutrality.