Theodor Roosevelt "T.R."

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Born October 27, 1858, this upstate New Yorker (Oyster Bay) was the youngest president to ever get in office. As a child he suffered from a servere case of asthema and was very weak. Sometimes he couldn't even blow out the candle by his bedside. His father, Theodor, Sr., was the only one there for him in his time of illness. He was the most important thing in T.R.'s life. He was the reason T.R. wanted to stay alive. T.R.'s father was from the north and believed in helping people. His mother, Martha Bulloch Roosevelt, was from the south. She was a very beautiful woman and loved T.R. just as much as his father. T.R. loved natural surroundings (animals). He had a colletion of birds and loved to read "grown -up" books. He was very determined to build up his body strength and be strong enough to do most activities a young boy should do.

Every summer he and his father would go camping, but his father would have to talk him into going! His father would even hire boxing teachers for T.R. Slowly, but surely, T.R.'s welath and strength began to increase, and he began to feel good about himself. T.R.'s father sadly died at age 46 of a stomach cancer when T.R. was a sophomore in college (Harvard). When returned to school, T.R. became very active in sports and other activities. He fell in love with a woman named Alice Hathaway. Her nickname "Sunshine". On October 27, 1880, Alice and T.R. were married. He also graduated from Harvard in 1880, and began his adventure in politics. He was the youngest politician to enter the Albany Legislature. In 1882 he went to the "poor" side of town to see how the people lived there and decided to do something about it by helping them. In 1884, his wife Alice became pregnant with their first child when he was only 25. While giving birth to their child, Alice (22) died. That same day, T.R. recieved a call about his mother. She too (48) died. He turned his daughter into the hands of his sister. Soon, he became a cowboy and his fellow cowboys called him "4 eyes". By him being a cowbot, his soul was revived and he was almost cured of his asthema. Edith Carow was T.R.'s next love. They were married in London on December 2, 1886. In 1887 their first child was born.