Thinking of thinking

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Thinking of Thinking

The dictionary could deliver you a well thought out definition of the word character, and besides from making you feel alone and unoriginal, it also does not tell you how you get this magical gift of life. Seeing a cat die in front of your eyes, maybe getting hit in the head with a shovel, or even watching your life fall apart, this is how you develop character. You do not earn this mask of originality by taking notes from your wise old man all day. No, life throws you shit, then you clean yourself off and dodge the next attack. Trust me, it is easy once you can tell the difference between the shit and the bullshit. After some challenging events come your way and life slaps you around a bit, it makes you think a little more about everything. I like to think Metacognition (thinking of thinking) is the first step to a well understood and more clear life.

As a child I assumed the world to be a giant sandbox with some obstacles and little suffering, but now that I am a more experienced individual I know that this is, in fact, not the case. The world is actually a small place in the universe where way too many pointless thoughts filter through each others minds and cause people to make bad choices. Like every other person, I have suffered a great deal and was pushed overboard the ship time and again. Let me tell you my story, but I am going to start at the part when the shit hits the fan, the interesting part. Before I give you my life story I think its important that you know a few things first. My parents got divorced when...