Thoughts Of A Serene Domicile

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I have warm thoughts of my neighborhood and a home. The neighborhood is filled with families, children's laughter, and beautiful homes surrounded by Martha Stewart Garden's. Yellow tulips, red roses, orange daises, and some gardens would have fountains with water coming out of a cupid or angels' mouth. There would be a car in every driveway, maybe two if the individuals residing in the home were married. Each child has a bike and/or scooter, with two, or three dissimilar breeds of canine following at their feet. These homes have families with completely separate and different lives, but the people always have time for, if not conversation, a smile and a wave.

Early mornings there are chirping birds, and voices of loud children, of all ages, waiting for their school bus. I awaken every morning before the alarm goes off, from the bright sun that enters my blinds. When finally deciding to get out of my bed and get ready for my day, there is a constant smell of lilac throughout our home from the glade plug in that is in two of our hallways.

Once I am dressed, I go into my grandmother's room to find her either doing a crossword puzzle, or deep underneath her comforter, awaiting my goodbye.

Almost every home has amazing green grass. Grass as green as a real pine Christmas tree. Glistening with morning dew. Throughout the day, majority of the adults are at work and those who are home are homemakers, or resting, preparing themselves for their evening job. Between the hours of 3-4, there are constant sounds of screeching brakes from the school buses, (clearly heard behind closed doors) that is once again dropping the children off from their day at school. The energy that may be withheld Page3 while in school seems to erupt from the children once they arrive home, and have changed out of their school clothes. Other than the cries of joy voiced from the children, the teenagers, and some adults will glide down the street blaring music, and can be described as deafening by the elderly individuals in the community, The smell of herbs, such as, adobo, curry powder, cajun spices, and pepper, are brewing in the mist.

Our house is extremely beautiful inside and out. The smell of cleanser is consistent in our home. The only thing that does bother me is the clutter. My grandmother orders everything she sees in the catalogs that are mailed to are house. There are many ceramic sculptures, artificial plants, and pictures there, and no matter how many times we have run out of room for any new things, she finds a place to put them.

I thank God everyday for being so fortunate to have a refrigerator and cabinets being as full as they are. This is exactly how I envision my kitchen to look. Throughout the week, my grandma may cook for me, depending on how she is feeling. I can always tell if she has cooked when I walk through the front door of our cold house and slowly inhale. When the aroma of food is not in the air, I proceed to my room and enjoy my satellite, underneath my sheets until I am ready to cook. Our home is so cold, and grandma says this is because she has hot flashes. I cannot entertain the thought of being cold, so I keep the a/c vents closed in my room and try to enjoy the remainder of my evening in a very comfortable setting.

Page 4 I feel the most exquisite sites in our neighborhood, are the 3 churches. There is an Episcopal Church, a Baptist Church, and a Seven-Day Adventist Church. Every Saturday and Sunday these churches are packed. There is really no excuse for anyone in the neighborhood not to attend. I am still not sure what my excuse is. It is such a heartfelt feeling to see so many people want to worship the Lord.

My neighborhood and home is definitely a place to call home. Neither of them is where I was raised, but both are just as nice. Sometimes I feel that I would rather stay somewhere in Broward because it is a little quieter and even paced. I guess when it is time for me to get married and have a family that is probably what I would look for. Then again I would prefer it to be dark outside 90 % of the time, but I do thank God for what I do have and what he has blessed me with.