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Freedom of knowledge

Education has been around since the beginning of time. In the beginning knowledge was passed down by the elders. As humans developed, education became more formal. In the United States today, a child is required to go through thirteen years of formal education inside a classroom. After he graduates, the young adult must decide whether or not he wishes to attend college. If he decides to attend college, it will cost between $4,000 and $26,000 a year depending on what courses are available and the quality of the school. If the high school graduate decides he does not want to go to college, he will most likely be working a minimum wage job for the rest of his life. There must be a minimum standard to get into a free college so students will still work hard in high school to get into the college of their choice.

Higher education should be free to anyone who meets the standard requirements set by each individual college to prevent having more minimum wage workers.

Free higher education would give more students the opportunity to attend college. As more people become further educated, society would be improved. The quality of life would also improve because people would be given the opportunity to attend college, graduate and receive a well paying job. The present shortage of well-qualified employees would come to an end. This, in turn, would help businesses operate more smoothly and help them make more money to give their employees raises. All of this would be possible because of free higher education.

Free higher education might also be an incentive for teens to stay in high school. Most kids who drop out of high school know the jobs that are available to them will not get much


better even with a high school diploma, and they know that they can get the equivalent, a R.S. degree, if they are required to have one later on in life. By offering free higher education those students will realize they do not need money to continue their education and they will stay in high school. The students will also work harder because they know college will be very difficult and since they now have the opportunity to attend college, they will want to be prepared. The student will realize doing the best they can in high school is their preparation for college.

As children go through school, many of them work hard for scholarships but only a select few actually receive them. If we work together toward free education, we can make the playing field equal for everyone. The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Let us help our future generation and make the world the best place it can be. All we have to do is give children free higher education and then we can watch them soar for years to come.