A Time of Healing.

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We were only ten years old at the time. Katie and I were only little kids. My older sister Laurie and Kevin had only been married a couple of years. Whenever Kevin was around, Katie was sure to follow. In my eyes, she loved him like an older brother she never had. In Katie's mind, it was a much deeper love, more than anyone could fathom.

One late Saturday afternoon I answered the phone, it was some man asking for my mom. My mom talked to him for a few minutes and then hung up. She told me that Katie had been caught shoplifting. Here we were, fourteen years old and Katie got caught stealing some make up from some store. Not only was she stealing but, was always fighting with my parents. Being fourteen myself, I wrote it off as typical teenage rebellion. I was soon going to find out how deep her ocean of pain really was.

By the way, I forgot to mention that Katie and I are twins. Man, we were inseparable from the time we were born up until, as I like to say, I started liking girls and she started liking boys.

It put us around ten years old as a matter of fact. Up until that point we were best of friends, where one was, there was the other. Mom and dad referred to us as Bam Bam and Pebbles due to our mischievous ways. I was too young back then to know what was happening to her, too young to protect her, so helpless.

My mom had picked Katie up from the store and in an instant went from being a shoplifter, to doing hard time in her bedroom on the second floor of our townhouse. In her room she had much...