The Time Machine

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The Time Machine was a very well written book, and an even better movie because of the way it brought to life the unique and strong personalities of the characters. The movie sets the stage for a copy cat enthusiast to try and pursue the great task of obtaining the ultimate goal of traveling through time. I say that because the movie really captures the natural curiosity of people young and old. When watching I often found myself thinking about what it would be like if I were in the time travelers position. Although i felt he did the best he could in his situation he could have thought out his plan and voyage through time a little better. The time travelers trip could have been more effective if he had taken a few items with him such as, a camera, matches and better security for his time machine so it would not have been captured by the Morlocks.

The main characters in the story were The Time Traveler, Weena, the human race Eloi and the animal race the Morlocks. I will discuss a few topics in the story that relate to topics that are experienced by today's society.

The Time Traveler's character seem to have been a character on the defense and seems eager to prove his doubters wrong. It starts with the time traveler trying to explain to his guest the theory of the fourth dimension and even the invention. He tries to explain the fourth dimension before he shows them the time machine so they don't think of him as a magician. H. G. Wells uses details about the fourth dimension to teach the reader the theory about it to capture your attention. Also, Wells' character the time traveler says "Scientific people know very well...