Title: The Chosen Author:chaim potok essay question: who is the chosen one in this book?

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Danny was the chosen one in the book "The Chosen" because he was chosen to comprehend his father's personality and a friend Reuven could trust. However, Danny's ability to read sophisticated books and his eagerness to explore outside of the Hasidic neighborhood gave him an intelligent mind that he was chosen to have. And his silence-ness with his father (Reb Saunders) leads him to be a psychologist. Because Danny respected and forgave his father, his father gave him a chance to follow his own destiny, which was to be a psychologist.

Danny was chosen to be a psychologist because according to page 69, Reuven asked Danny what he wanted to be and Danny responded, " I don't know, probably a psychologist" this showed that Danny had some interests in psychology. The silence between Danny and Reb Saunders was another piece of evidence that lead Danny to be a psychologist because Reb Saunders wanted him to be the next rabbi but Danny could not feel the pain of others, and a rabbi was all about feeling and understanding his followers' mind and emotions.

Reb Saunders tried to make him to feel the pain of other people by not talking to him and that made Danny to go into psychology because Danny really wanted to feel and understand his father's feeling about not talking to him. This showed Danny was chosen to be a psychologist when he grew up.

Danny was chosen to have an intelligent mind and to explore outside of the Hasidic neighborhood because according to page 283, Reb Saunder said, " …When my Daniel was four years old, I saw him reading a story from a book. And I was frightened. He did not read the story, he swallowed it, as one swallows food or water, there...