Title: "The Time Machine" Author: H.G. Wells

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Conflict: The time traveler invented a time machine. He showed it to everyone and they didn't believe him. The time traveler invented a miniature scale and sent it to the future. Everyone just thought it was a disappearing act. Throughout the entire book he is trying to prove that he built one, but he keeps loosing his things from the future before he can go back.

Climax: The time traveler is in the future. He got attacked by a bunch of futuristic animals. He goes into his time machine and then he pushes the buttons and goes to thirty million A.D. The weather is cold and there are humongous animals then when he is exploring he is kidnapped and his time machine is taken.

Resolution: By the end of the story the time traveler decided that he was done trying to prove that he made a time machine. He went into the future and then he never comes back.

Favorite Character: My favorite character is Filby because he is always there waiting for the time traveler. He always stood up for him and he always believed in him.

Least Favorite Character: My least favorite characters are the characters that didn't believe in the time traveler. They always made fun of him and didn't believe him, no matter what he did. These characters were all the other scientists.

Critical Analysis: I thought this book was awesome. It had love and horror, and excitement, and fantasy, all combined into one story. I really like H.G. Wells' books. "The Time Machine," is interesting because it is really interesting to see different perspectives of the future.

Summary: I went into the conference just after getting back from another time. I was all beaten up and everyone asked me what had happened. So...