Title- Is Vengeance Victorious In The End? written on the story of Frankenstein Book written by Marry Shelly

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Is Vengeance Victorious In The End?

Through out time, there have been many battles and many wars that were sparked

by a thirst for revenge, an urge for vengeance. If looked at deeply in history, vengeance

seems to have the features of an untamed beast which roams wild and free to destroy as it

pleases. Usually, this wild beast, this fueled fire rages on until the reason for its creation

is destroyed, but at times something may go wrong. However, there are times when the

beholder of the sword of vengeance is the one that falls to its powerful wrath. There are

of course rare occasions where both sides of the situation are doomed.

The angry way of reaching justice known as vengeance is based on a figure who

was in a defensive position who has decided to flip the switch and become the aggressor.

In the novel Frankenstein, the creation that shall be called as the monster ends up having

no other alternative but destroy the family of his creature in order to bring justice to the

terrible act that Victor had done to him, which was deserting him based on his image.

These acts of rage displayed by the monster causes Victor to fall in a spiral of fear. The

monster's acts can be looked at as effects caused by a past cause or experience. The

horrible acts displayed by the humans which he meets in his past are possible reasons for

his hatred and rage towards Victor for creating him. The emotions that are hatred and

anger fuel vengeance as gasoline fuels flames. The monster feels so much bitter hatred

and so much anger that it builds up and causes him to seek revenge.

Victor's creation starts to accomplish its goals ever so slowly...