Tourism Cluster in Sofia, Bulgaria

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*Discussed dialogue options related to Council of Ministers draft amendments to the Tourism Law with Elina Kirova of BHROA;

*The group contributed to the national meeting on Problems and Prospects of Bulgarian Tourism;

*Six tourism sector meetings were held: three in preparation for Martin Webber's and Kevin Murphy's visit and three in the period November-December (11th and 23rd of November, and 12th December). The group was diverse; it involved two industry leaders (one in packaged products - Albena, and the other in alternative tourism), two guilds' chairs (one "universal", and one specialized - village tourism); one semi-government structure - the chairman of National Tourist Council and three independent experts;

*The tourism sector core group was set up and focused discussions were held, including the development of a cluster "diamond";

*Presentations to larger audiences were made;

*Early outlines of a possible cluster strategy were developed;

*A core group of industry members was established and began discussing strategy and development issues - five meetings;

*The core group reached a joint decision on the type of industry specialist needed for the cluster;

*The core group worked with Razgrad Regional Development Agency on district tourism vision;

*Competitiveness presentations were made to the Rodopi Hotel and Restaurant Association;

*Moderated a round-table on alternative tools;

*Presented tourism overview before the industry group, collecting feedback;

*Advised BEF and BFIA on the program and speakers of Bulgaria Tourism Forum;

*Prepared Alvin Rosenbaum's visit to Bulgaria, briefing him in Washington DC on the general background and peculiarities of Bulgarian tourism;

*Accompanied Alvin Rosenbaum to the Elena Melnik and on all of his meetings with industry stakeholders;

*Together with Alvin Rosenbaum developed a description of important issues and opportunities facing the tourism cluster;

*Gave a presentation on Bulgarian tourism at the Bulgaria Tourism Forum and BCE conference;