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The most common violation was speeding. A "Speeding" violation would normally add 4 points to a license, however it was reduced to 2 points and changed to an 11-10A (Failure to observe a traffic sign). This reduction was offered only to drivers who had recently completed a safe driving course. However the drivers were still required to pay a fine ranging from $75 for a first time offender to $450 for a repeat offender. It was tough lesson to learn for some of the younger drivers who had no idea how serious their reckless actions could be. However it seemed that some people just never learn and continue to repeatedly break the law. It seems that they have been lucky so far because they are still alive, but one day they might not be so lucky.

Another violation that seemed harmless at first was an uninspected vehicle.

However I quickly realized how serious it would be if that car was on the road next to me and it's tire blew out causing it to crash. It's something that is easy to have done and is cheaper to have done than paying $100 fines for not having it done. Unregistered vehicles were another common problem.