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A six-hour car ride with my brother and sister made me want to arrive at Walt Disney World fast. The moment I saw the buildings of the Downtown Disney, I knew that I was there and I was going to have the time of my life. Driving down the main road of the resort I saw a giant sign with who else standing next to the poles, Mickey and Minnie Mouse! The first thing my family and I did was check into our resort, the Dixie Landings. The only bad thing was that now the hotel doesn't exist anymore. It was swallowed up by its sister resort, the buildings are still there. The resort was themed to the American South before the Civil War. The place had this magic quality that no words could describe, I think it was the feeling of being in a place created with a theme down to the smallest detail.

On the resorts property I felt that I was in the south. Nothing could be seen of the theme parks or other resorts; the roads outside seem to disappear. The room that I stayed in was with my brother. It had a view of a small island with the pool and playgrounds, but my view was of a group of large blue birds that were always there in the morning. We were a short walkway from the small pool that was always open, the pool had at any given time only about ten people. The shape of the pool I had never seen before, a snaking oval pool. To move from hotel to hotel, theme park to theme parks we used the buses, which was cool for awhile. To move from the hotel to the Downtown Disney area we used a pontoon boat. After...