"The Treaty of Versailles and its effects on Germany" is a summary of the most important aspects concerning this treaty.

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The Treaty of Versailles and its effects on Germany

-Disarmament of the Germany army (only 100,000 soldiers and 15,000 sailors were allowed)

-Demolition of heavy weapons

-Demilitarization of the Rheinland (region) and its besiegement

-Germany has to pay reparations: the exact amount should be determined before 1921

-Germany loses the following territories:

oAlsace - Lorraine

oFrance can make economic use of the Saarland for 15 years

oEupen-Malmedy (to Belgium)

oNorth-Schleswig (to Denmark)

oThe main part of West-Preussen (to Poland)

oDanzig becomes economic partner of Poland

oMemelland (to Lithuania)

oHultschiner Ländchen (to Czechoslovakia)

oLoss of all colonies

-Article 228 designates the emperor as war criminal and asks for his surrender

-Article 231 states that blames Germany and its allies to be the only culprits