The Twain Should Meet

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The Twain Should Meet

There are dedicated smokers and there are those smokers who are no longer so dedicated. The cries of the frightened non-smokers are very newsworthy and are heard round the world; the publications on second-hand smoke have made most people very aware that there are serious dangers from second-hand smoke. The divided public is at war with one another. Cigarettes are legal and for sale on just about any corner. The more sales of cigarettes decline, the more cigarette advertising increases.

The restrictions placed on sales of cigarettes to minors have resulted in more minors who are now smoking. 46.2 million smokers in the U.S. want to quit smoking."Smoke from the burning end of a cigarette contains at least 60 carcinogens, including: formaldehyde, cyanide, arsenic, carbon monoxide, methane, & benzene. The smoker, and anyone else nearby, inhales these chemicals." The Tobacco Industry added these chemicals to the tobacco products throughout the years to achieve complete, total, addiction in the user.

This diabolical plan by the Tobacco Industry for enslaving its consumers has come to fruition today. Cigarette and tobacco products are still sold legally.

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Veteran smokers have spent fortunes, developed habits and addictions that sometimes cannot be broken, and according to statistics: shortened their lives-by both smoking and by the use of the smokeless tobacco products. Tobacco industries have accumulated many riches from the sales of tobacco products. The sleek advertising campaigns, and bombardments of these campaigns, from many billboards, radio, and television commercials have hooked generations of the American public on tobacco. These legal products have been sold to the public for almost 100 years. We find these products sold in nearly every store we visit. We welcome these ads into our homes. Our children grow up impressed...