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The United States of America is an amazing developed country. There are many different features and qualities that the U.S.A has. It's geography, trading partners, it's system of trading, the things it exports and imports are all very unique to the U.S.A. It's society (where the people came from), it's daily life (how the citizens spend their day) and its tourism (who comes to visit and where do they go) is also very unique, and differs from the other countries in the world.

The United States imports many things to help the citizens live in their daily lives. The things the U.S.A. brings in from other countries are anything from machinery to food, which they do not grow. The United States imports because they cannot make certain products because of the land or the climate or because sometimes it can be cheaper to import than make it in their own country.

The United States imports machinery, auto vehicles or parts, consumer goods, industrial supplies, industrial materials, foods and beverages. The U.S.A also imports a wide variety of electronics, petroleum, natural gasses, pulp, wheat and lumber. The things the United States brings in from other countries are mostly needed things that the society needs in order to live.

Exports are materials or goods that a country gives to another when trading, the U.S.A participates in this trade so it does give to other countries. The United States exports because in order to trade your must give and then get. This country exports machinery, auto vehicles, consumer goods, industrial supplies, industrial materials, foods and beverages. Bottles of water and gas are also some of the goods the United States exports. The United States exports many things in order to import others.

The United States trades with almost every country in the entire...