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Today's society has been pacifying itself with leisure equipment for many years now. Every time you turn around a new company has sprung up with a new item to help you relax and enjoy your leisure time. These items are strictly accessories and not necessities.

In Leisure Will Kill You by Art Buchwald he shows how leisure items will eventually drive a person crazy. The husband begins planning out his out his weekend and soon realizes that there are too many leisure things to do and he will have to take off of work on Monday and Tuesday to do all of them.

There are to prices you pay for leisure equipment. There is the initial actual money cost, and then there is the mental cost of knowing that you aren't doing something you should be doing. When you try to catch up and start doing chores or work that you put off because of leisure time you realize that leisure time isn't all it's cut out to be.


In Leisure Will Kill You the husband realized that the leisure equipment he had ended up driving him crazy. There were just too many leisurely things to do and not enough time to do them all. This is true in today's society. There are so many things I want to do everyday but I try to set my priorities straight and keep focused on the necessities until the weekend comes. The husband in this story does the same but realizes that he has too many leisurely activities.

Today's society has become filled with people who just put things off and they eventually become forgotten. We as a society have to recognize our priorities, take responsibility, and do them.