How to Use the "Marketing Spectrum" to Market your Non-Profit Organization.

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The management and program delivery within a nonprofit organization is fundamentally a marketing endeavor. The organization is being marketed to two primary target market areas, (1) the people being served by the nonprofit, and, (2) the funding sources wherein contributed money is to be sought.

"Marketing" may be defined as follows: Marketing is a process by which something of value is given, delivered, communicated, sold or promulgated in any manner to one or more targeted markets, using selected marketing tools, means and devices.

The following Marketing spectrum reflects this marketing process.

The Marketing Spectrum for a nonprofit organization

Marketing Means Two Primary

Something of Value Tools and Devices Target Markets

The Marketing Spectrum

Something of Value: The organization and Its Parts

When considering this definition of marketing relative to any nonprofit organization, think of the nonprofit organization as being marketed from left to right within the marketing spectrum on the enclosed chart.

The organization overall consist of four overlapping parts which are being marketed to two target markets.

1 Organization: The nonprofit organization overall is being marketed in terms of its credibility, reputation, track record and those historical and other factors which are suggested or conjured up when one focuses on the name of the organization.

Positive Mission Statement values may be especially important with older, established nonprofit organizations, which have a longer track record of success and service.

2. Programs: All of the major and minor, new and established programs, projects and activities are part of what is being marketed. The more positive and successful the programs have been or promise to be, the greater the potential impact of what is being marketed.

3. People: All of the people associated with the nonprofit organization are, a part of what is being marketed. "People give money to...